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COVID-19 Protocol

Please be assured that Ross & Matthews, P.C. remains dedicated to serving the needs of its LegalShield members. Due to the emergency declarations relating to COVID-19, much of our operation is now being handled on a remote basis. In order to avoid any delay in opening and processing your legal matters, we ask that you communicate with us via this form to open new legal matters, or to re-open existing matters. Our attorneys will respond to you based on the information provided. Please include your intake number if one has been assigned to your matter, and otherwise be sure to complete all fields in the form. This is a temporary protocol and is subject to change.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND MORE THAN ONE MESSAGE AS IT WILL SLOW THE PROCESS. If you have documents for review, please use the document uploader to open your legal issue. It is not necessary to use both forms. If you are not contacted within three days, please call us to follow up.

Please note that information transmitted via this website may not be protected by the attorney/client privilege. If you have concerns regarding the confidentiality of the information being sent, you may still call the office to open your legal matter.

COVID-19 Protocol

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